Child Philanthropy & Our Fabulous Kids of the Month

Each month we will choose one fabulous kid to feature on our blog and in our newsletter. We will highlight a fabulous kid who stands out for their desire to help others. We here at Sticker Farm believe it’s never too early to get involved and teach your kids the importance of doing good. From helping out at home or helping other kids at school, to helping animals, donating used toys or getting involved in the community, there are some great kids out there doing great things. If you’d like us to feature your child, please send us an email to:


Here’s some tips for teaching philanthropy to your kids:

    1. Find a cause they believe in. Help your child find the cause that really gets them inspired through discussions, books, music, movies, etc.
    2. Research before you give. Once your child has chosen a cause, help them research different organizations that address the related issue.
    3. Spend, save, share. Discuss with your child how they'll divvy up their monthly allowance, birthday, or holiday money into spending, savings, and sharing jars.
    4. Take a field trip. Contact an organization you're interested in for a tour. If that is not an option, find a way to represent the charity of choice in your home. It could be a drawing, photos, collage, sign, etc.
    5. Teach by example. Kids learn by example so share your own experiences with philanthropy. Talk to your child about where and why you give, and take them with you to volunteer, if possible. If it is not possible for them to volunteer with you, talk about your volunteer experience with them, share photos, etc.
    6. The 3 Ts: time, talent, treasure. Talk about the ways kids can give their 
      * time, (helping a neighbor, volunteering)
      * talent (a student great with computers helping his teachers), or 
      * treasure, (money, gently loved stuffed animal donations, used clothing, etc.).
    7. Engage your friends. Sharing is caring, especially when it's sharing information about a cause with friends and getting them interested in supporting your charity of choice!
    8. Have fun! Keep it positive! Acknowledge and celebrate your child’s commitment to reinforce the good feeling of giving. Finding the right cause and way to give results in your child is important to it being a positive experience. A young philanthropist having fun while giving back will keep on giving for years to come.

(ideas taken from the Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation)


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