Kids Care About African Wildlife Conservation

Here at Sticker Farm, we strongly believe if you can do ‘good’, you should. Which is why we see the importance in giving back to the global community by supporting non-profit organizations such as the African Wildlife Foundation ~ a partnership that seemed only natural given the strong interest children have with the animals and landscapes of Africa. For months, we worked with the AWF and our artists to create our first line of products that give back ~ five sets of stickers depicting various African animals majestically 'striking a pose'! 

We also really wanted to get out in our community, in our schools and teach kids the importance of conservation while having fun at the same time. Alyssa decided to approach Rashkis Elementary school, which is where her children attend school and the teachers reaction to the idea was overwhelming enthusiasm. They created a whole lesson plan and added the teachings of the African animals into their curriculum, and we got to capture the whole thing on video! 

The interest the kids had in the animals and coming up with ways that they can ‘help save the African animals’ was inspiring for not only them, but us as well. They brainstormed about why it’s important to think about our world outside of where we live, they created posters to get out the word about conservation, and generally had a great time playing with the stickers and interacting with each other. Check out this video clip from our filming at Rashkis. We feel so honored and humbled to be in a position to make a difference in our future generations and are looking forward to more activities like this to come!




Purchase our African Wildlife Sticker Collection HERE

10% of proceeds will be donated to the AWF


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