Using Stickers As A Motivational Tool For Learning

Kids LOVE stickers – we know because we’ve seen them soaring over the moon with excitement and pride for their newly acquired stickers. At Sticker Farm, we strive to blend fun, culturally relevant images with learning and education, so we thought we’d share some ideas for incorporating stickers and sticker books into the classroom, and even in your own home. 

Sticker Chart 
Hang a chart on the wall with each child’s name listed along the left side. Offer one Sticker Farm sticker of their choice for different positive acts such as: good behavior, picking up the most toys, most creative drawing, neatest handwriting, helping others, or scoring high on assignments. Make sure you reward a diverse array of behaviors, not just class performance so that a child who is having a hard time learning some things can acquire stars too. You can set goals so that each time a child receives a certain number of stickers, they get to do a fun activity or some other type of reward. 

Sticker Albums 

Give each student a Sticker Farm Sticker Book they will keep for the entire class year. Each time a child receives a sticker as a reward, they can place the sticker in their sticker book. This is a great alternative to the public display, which could potentially cause some students to feel embarrassed if they don’t have a lot of stickers. Plus, each child can keep their sticker book making it that much more fun. For every 5-10 stickers they receive, you could offer a special reward such as the large sized Dairy Smellies!


Sticker Exchange
This can work with either the public wall chart or private sticker book. Once a child has collected a certain number of stickers, say 5, he or she has the opportunity to trade stickers with their classmates. Or they may choose to wait until they collect more stickers for a bigger reward, say 25 stickers for a chance to bring in a class plant or class pet. This is a great way to teach children about patience, planning and saving.

Custom Stickers 
Use stickers that have been designed with specific messages, like stickers for playground behavior, collaboration, spelling, etc. This way, you can reward students for particular skills or behaviors, and they can learn while collecting. 

We hope you enjoy these ideas inspired from and would love to hear some of your ideas too. Please email us at with your "stickers as learning tools" ideas for a chance to be highlighted in our next Newsletter!

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