Stickers-The essence of childhood expression

Growing up, I was in LOVE with collecting stickers. I had about three sticker books, each filled with stickers that covered every blank space. I’m even slightly embarrassed to say that I really enjoyed just rearranging the position of all the stickers. Each sticker’s placement had a little story/explanation behind it.

Every Friday, my friends and I would bring our sticker books to school, and we acted as if the stickers were real action figures or stuffed animals, holding them up and making up stories along the way. For me, collecting and playing with stickers was the portal through which I built friendships and released my creativity.

I asked Roe, who I introduced in my previous post, to share some of the pages inside her sticker book: 

At first glance, I thought Roe just placed random stickers on the page, but there’s actually a background story. She explained that the superheros are flying around, because they saved the animals from the farm and took them back out into the forest, where they can play with each other freely.

The way Roe arranged the stickers displays her unique way of thinking and her care for animals, which I think shines a little light into her compassionate character. Stickers are a creative way for children to express themselves and each page of a sticker book holds a unique story behind it. -Chara :)

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