Stickers as a Learning Tool: From a Speech-Language Pathologist's Perspective

Wendy, a speech-learning pathologist at Rashkis Elementary School recently shared with us how she incorporates stickers into her educational activities and she has some great ideas. Check out what she has to say!

"Sticker Farm Stickers are particularly good for educational activities because many of them are realistic representations and they are grouped into categories.  Kids love stickers and as a speech-language pathologist I do too! 

I use stickers in many different ways. I use them:

1.  As a motivational reward

2.  To make a visual dictionary for students

3.  To graph student success using a bar graph of stickers stacked on top of each other.

4.  For articulation therapy, I choose stickers that contain sounds the students are working on and then make cards with them to play memory or go-fish with.

To create bingo boards with categories of things (i.e. animals, vegetables, etc.)"

To represent book characters when they are stuck to tongue depressors.

7. In naming practice for students learning nouns, adjectives, etc. who may be ELL or have language disorders.

8.  To teach describing, they are shown a sticker and the have to describe it using size/shape, what's it made of, what does it do or what do you do with it, where would you find it, etc.

9.  For compare/contrast activities where you choose two stickers and have the student list 3 main similarities and three main differences.

10.  As a "barrier task" to increase ability to give and follow directions.  One student places stickers on a scene and then describes to the other student where to put the sticker.  At the end of the task the barrier is removed and the students compare pictures -are they the same?  They should be if the directions given where good and ability to follow directions was good.  


Educators, Parents, Guardians: How Do You Use Stickers In Learning? 
We'd love to hear your ideas of how to use stickers in learning! Please submit your ideas for a chance to be featured in our March newsletter and win a free pack of Sticker Farm stickers for your child or each child in your classroom. To be considered, and for more details, send us an email to: by Monday, February 23rd with your idea! 

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