Sticky Idea for March: Chain Messages

This is one of my favorite and easiest craft activities our family does. I decided to share this "Sticky Craft" after my sweet daughter, Charlie, surprised me with one before I left for a business trip. Even though we had 6 inches of snow on the ground, my heart melted into a big puddle of mush.

Paper chains messages add a colorful and happy pick-me-up to wherever they find a home and are a great way to let people know how special they are.

All it requires is: paper strips, a pen, tape or glue and a sweet message from you. (Use fabric strips with a fabric pen and sew them together if you want them to be permanent. Stickers and crayons work for little hands that aren't writing yet.)

Remember, all it takes is a few kind words and a little bit of effort to make someone's day. Let's go make some smiles! - Alyssa

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