Putting Our Imagination To Work

To be creative is to put your imagination to work. It begins with a concept and grows from there. We are continually inspired by the possibilities surrounding us every day and thought we would share with you how a creative idea became reality with some of our stickers. 

Alyssa, the original Sticker Farm mom, strongly believes there is limitless imagination ready to blossom in every child and therefore believes in getting her children involved in the creative process when designing stickers. For our Dairy Smellies, she started with a sketch by her daughter, Charlie Carolina.

Then she sketched out a concept and worked with artists to turn these ideas into a new sticker design! During the design process, she presented different options to her children and other children in the neighborhood and school to choose their favorite style - and a sticker was born!

Through the lens of a child's eye and imagination, we can begin to look outside our own ideas and open up to a world of creativity. It is just this creativity that we believe is the key to everything, to looking outside ourselves and to solving problems throughout life.

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