An Exceptional Children's Teacher Uses Stickers As Motivation

Julie, High School Exceptional Children's teacher, grades 9-12 recently shared with us how she incorporates stickers into her educational activities. Check out what she has to say!

"It is often challenging to get high school students excited about taking extra assessments during the day; however, it has to be done to discern their levels (reading, writing, math, etc). 

I choose to reward my students at the end of every assessment. One of the prizes that they can receive is a sticker. This is one of their favorite rewards because they get to choose it and can keep it. While a piece of candy may last fifteen seconds a sticker is something they can hang on to as a reminder that they did a great job.

My students use their stickers to decorate their folders, laptops, and cellphones Some make cards for family and friends, and I think all of them enjoy the sense of nostalgia that receiving these stickers brings!"


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