Science and a Masterpiece

Being artsy can seem daunting, especially when there are so many examples of perfection proudly displayed on the internet. We're here to happily rock our craft time with no expectations of perfection and maybe help kick that hesitance to do something creative to the curb.

I also want to point out how easy it is to sneak in science in your day-to-day activities. Themes are easy to work around and all it takes is a look outside to see science in action. Go ahead and grab that low hanging fruit. I did with this one.

Charlie, Indie and I decided to take 30 minutes to create some art. Our theme for the day was weather, we all decided to work on precipitation and how snow, rain and thunderstorms come to be.

Charlie created a penguin in a snowstorm using a tiny canvas and fingerprint art. I love how she was able to convey movement in both the snow and penguin. What I love most is that her fingerprints are the highlight of the piece and will be a timeless reminder of her 8 year-old self.

Indie used acrylics and channeled the chaos of a thunderstorm with large bolts of lightening. Quite intense and I love how confident he was in how he wanted to represent this force of nature.


I focused on how clouds accumulate moisture until they can no longer hold any more and release it as rain. And since it’s me, I found a way to add some sparkly rhinestone stickers for an extra oomph.

That’s all for now. Have fun and we’ll see you next time at the Sticker Farm!

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